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Professional Intelligent Control Greenhouse Fertigation System For Sale

Features: Stable Structure
Usage: Hydroponic Plant Growth
Advantage: automatic work
Function: fertigation

Fertigation Features

1) Durable, stable and reliable. High-precision EC and PH detection sensors provide maximum stability.

2) Special custom, mixed evenly, accurate flow. Custom high-frequency stainless steel suction fertilizer solenoid valve, you can guarantee the same amount of different original liquor into the mixed pipeline clock, to achieve balanced nutrition.

3) Use a wide area, efficient and sensitive. Applicable to irrigation, drip irrigation, tidal and other irrigation patterns. Flexible configuration, the capacity of 5m3/h to 30m3/h range.

4) Irrigation mode: fertilization or irrigation

5) Irrigation quantity control optional: time or flow

6) The total amount of irrigation can be recorded

7) Up to 64 irrigation plans are available

8) With the moisture sensor and weather monitoring station wireless link to achieve control

9) Can be directly connected to the PC or APP software operation to achieve remote management and control.








High Efficiency


Hydroponics ,Greenhouse ,Vegetable, Fruits, Flowers


Complementary system

1.Ventilation system: top and side window, ect. which can make the air flow and reduce the temperature.  


2.Cooling System:  Cooling fans and cooling pads; they are matched with each other and stay the opposite.  When they are with circulation fan; the temperature can be cooled down about 10 degrees.


3.Shading System:  inside /outside shading net  and blackout blinds can prevent strong hard light, uv treated to protect what inside the greenhouse.


4.Heating System:  hot-water heating equipment, warm-air heating facility and the coal heating equipment, they can guarantee the temperature to fit for plants growth in winter or in cold area.


5.Lighting Growing System:  filament lamps, sodium lamps, LED lamps, metal halide lamp, etc. which can provide persistent light for plants growth.


6.Control System:  It can adjust humidity and temperature, ect. This is convenient to know the environment conditions.


7.Irrigation System:  smart sprinkling irrigation system, drip system, saves a lot of time for agricultural production.


8.Bench System:  The movable and fixed seedbed can maximize use the greenhouse space, convenient for planting and high productive for crops.


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After-Sales Service

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