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Agricultural Fertilizer Controller Automatic Fertization System

Size: Large, 1400*700*1400mm
Name: Agricultural fertilizer controller automatic fertization system
Rated power: 3000w
Solenoid valve: 5pcs
Fertilizer absorption: 50L-480L/h
Voltage: 220v/380v
Weight: 75kg
Controlled zone: 500acres
Packaging Details: Wooden carton package

Agricultural fertilizer controller automatic fertization system


            Fertilizer machine uses advanced computer, industrial automation and internet of things technology, according to the law of fertilizer requirements at different growth stages of crops, using all-water-soluble fertilizer as raw material, accurately controlling the proportion of nutrients, and accurately formulating the liquid formula fertilizer required for various crops, according to needs. 




Agricultural fertilizer controller automatic fertization system


Full Automation





Rated power




Solenoid valve

5pcs / 8pcs / 20pcs or customized

Pipe interface size



Galvanized steel

Fertilizer absorption



Fertilize pump/ Flow sensor/ Frequency converter/ Solenoid valve etc

Controlled zone

At most 500 acres

Controlled details

One agitator, one sensor and one pump

Nutrition barrels

Tank A+Tank B+Tank C (acid)


Features of product:

1. Integration of water and fertilizer; integration of fertilization system and watering system, according to the characteristics of fertilizers, soil characteristics, seasonal factors, etc., can be combined with solid fertilizer and water, and the fertilizer can be supplied to the crop at regular intervals.
2. Increase water utilization Intelligent fertilizer application to improve water utilization: water utilization rate can reach 95%. Generally, it saves 30% to 50% of water compared with the ground, and some crops can reach 80%, which is 10% to 20% less than sprinkler irrigation.
3. Intelligent fertilizer application machine saves fertilizer: timely and proper delivery of water and nutrients directly to the roots, improving fertilizer utilization
4. Fertilizer irrigation is even: the drip irrigation system can effectively control the flow rate of each dripper, so the irrigation uniformity is high, generally up to 80% to 90%.
5. Fertilizers can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases: drip irrigation can reduce the indoor air humidity, reduce the amount of vegetable residues, and improve the quality of vegetables.
6. Quantitative fertigation, real-time monitoring of water and fertilizer ratio, fully improve nutrient utilization, temperature control and wet control.
7. Intelligent fertilizer applicator saves labor: Drip irrigation is water supply for pipe network, easy to operate, and easy to control automatically, thus saving labor. At the same time, irrigation is local irrigation, and most of the surface is kept dry, which reduces the growth of weeds, which reduces the labor for weeding and reduces labor costs.
8. Bring your own filter to prevent blockage of the pipe.
9. The intelligent fertilizer applicator can monitor and view the irrigation time, irrigation record information, irrigation program information, current irrigation information, daily irrigation information, irrigation valve information and fertilizer information.
10. Wide range of applications can be applied to vegetables, greenhouses, orchards, garden fields, gardening, and a large area of irrigation.


The Application:

1. The fertilizer applicator can be divided into mix in tank and mix in tube according to the “dispensing method”; that is, mixing in the barrel and mixing in the tube;
2. In-pipe mixing can only be applied to drain to waste after nutrient irrigation.
3. The mixing in the barrel can be recycled, and the NFT system can only use the mixing in tank;
4. Drip irrigation system If you use drain to waste, you can use mix in tube; if you need to recycle, you need to use the internal mixing system;
5. The famous brand of international fertilizer application machine is Netafim, Brinkman, raphael
6. Fertilizer nutrient solution is divided into A, B, C (acid), which is adjusted by three-way suction device;
7. A and B are nutrients required for plant production, expressed by EC; C is an acidic substance used to adjust the pH.
8. The automatic fertilizer applicator adopts water and fertilizer integration.
9. The automatic fertilizer applicator can achieve unattended operation.
10. The main feature of the automatic fertilizer application machine is accurate liquid dispensing and automatic fertilization.


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