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Professional Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Quality Hot Sale Cooling Pad Paper Factory Exhaut Fan


Shandong Huijing new material co.,ltd Located in Shouguang county ,Weifang city , Shandong Province,we has focused on greenhouse designing, manufacturing and construction more than 10 years. We already helped our customers from China and overseas markets build hundreds of different types of greenhouses for vegetable planting, flower planting and many other uses. Now our projects are all over the world . Many foreign countries such as PHS ,Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan, Japan, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Malasyia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Australia, Kuwait,etc. If you have any need of our greenhouse , warmly welcome you come to visit us and inquiry us , thank you .


Greenhouses are often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplants, etc., also have applications in exhibitions, experiments, restaurants, entertainment.

Pad and fan greenhouse cooling systems

1. Working Principal
Fans/wetting pad cooling system can decrease the temperature according to the principle of evaporation of water for cooling. System has high-quality wetting pads and the fans with big wind.

The core of cooling system is the wetting pads, which can evaporate water, is made of corrugated fiber paper.it is corrosion resistant and has long working life, because the raw material is added to a special chemical composition. The special wetting pads can ensure the water wets whole wall of wetting pads. When the air goes through the pads, the exchange of water and air on the surface of pads can change the hot air into cool air, then it can humidify and cool the air.

When you need to cool down, start the fans, and be forced out of the air inside the greenhouse to cause negative pressure; at the same time, the water pump will spring water to the opposite wall of wetting pads,then the outdoor air is sucked into the greenhouse by negative pressure, and the air will go through the pads slowly, which can lead to evaporation of water. The cooling air comes into greenhouse and absorbs the indoor heat, and then discharged by fans. So the temperature in the greenhouse will drop down.

The system uses aluminum frame,so it has beautiful shape and is not easy to be out of shape.

2.Water supply system
Water supply system includes submersible water pumps, shunt water pipe, main water supply pipe, water distribution pipe and water separating equipment, etc. as well as the necessary regulating valves. The main water supply pipe, water distribution pipe are special material UPVC with long service life.

3.Water Collecting system
The water collecting system includes water collecting grooves and water return pipe, which is made of UPVC. Each section of wetting pad has one spot of water return and all water flows to the main return pipe, at last discharges to the collecting pool.






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