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Brown Paper Cooling Pad For Greenhouse Cooling System

Cover Material: Craft Paper
Product Name: Wet Curtain Cooling
Width: 600/800mm
Flute High: 7mm
Cooling Water: Industry Water
Application: Greenhouse Cooling System
Height: 2000/1800/1500mm
Thickness: 100/150mm
Cooling Principle: Evaporative Cooling

Brown Paper Cooling Pad For Greenhouse Cooling Syetem

Wet pad installed at one end of the greenhouse,the suction ventilator installed in the other end.When the air in greenhouse is needed to cool down,the control system of fan will start,the indoor air is forced out and build-up the negative pressure;At the same time,the water pump water the wet pad.The negative pressure cause the indraft through the wet pad,leading to evaporation and cooling,then the cold air flow through the greenhouse,absorb the indoor heat,so as to achieve the purpose of the circulating cooling.



1.Made of absorbent kraft paper,strong hydroscopicity,corrosion resistance,long usable life.Evaporation efficiency is by up to 80%.Absorbing water naturally,fast,durable efficiency.No surfactant and harmfulchemicals,no phenol,easy installation.

2.Improved some shortcoming of cooling pad,fragile,inconvenient cleaning,ect.High strength,strong corrosion resistance,high impact resistance,easy cleaning.

3.Special technology,inhibiting growth of bacteria and algas.Beautiful exterior,environmental protection,no pollution.Bright colour,good choice for home and markets.


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