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Professional Large Multi-span Smart Automatic Control Commercial Vegetable Cucumber Glass Greenhouse for Agricultural

Size: Large
Cover Material: Glass
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Heating system: Electric hot air blower or boiler
Application: Vegetables and hydroponic plant
Ventilation system: Roof ventilation and side ventilation system
Features: Stable structure easily assembled
Optional system: Automatic control system
Frame material: Hot dip glavanized steel
Cooling system: Cooling pad and exhaust fan
Packaging Details: Packing in cartons, bags and some parts are nude. Also can be customized by your requirements

Brief introduction

1.Designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T 57183-2016 and take the local condition into consideration.
2.All procedure under strict quality control system to ensure the quality and service life.
3.Attractive appearance and long service life more than 20 years.

Why choose us

1.Hot galvanized bolts connection structure, without solder joint, high improve the strength and anti-corrosion performance.
2.High quality raw material, for example frame thickness from 2mm to 4mm for safety.Galvanized coat thickness about 0.2mm.
3.One-stop service from planning, design, manufacture, assemble to after-sale service.

Polycarbonate sheet
Plastic film
1.Long service life for about 30 years.2.Most attractive appearance
3.Best light transmittance
1.Good thermal efficiency, keeps the warmth in longer.2.Very tough and durable
3.Shape can be customized
1.Low cost per square meter2.Takes the knocks
3.Prevents burn to the plants
1.Fragile and less forgiving to knocks2.Poor thermal efficiency, hollow glass recommended.
1.Prone to scratching2.Shorter service life time than glass.
1.Prone to rips and tears2.Poor thermal efficiency
3.Relatively short lifespan and requires replacement
Look out for
1.Make sure that you get toughened safety glass2.Choose thicker for safety.
1.Ensure polycarbonate is UV treated on both sides2.Don't touch it in bad climate.
1.Buy quality reputable brand2.Replace covers every 3-5 years

Advantages of Glass
1. High light transmission and stays for a lifetime.
2. Longer service life and high intensity.
3. Non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation.
4. Good water-proof performance, high anti-age and anti-sweat performance, attractive appearance.
5. Larger lighting area and even light transmission ensure the light cover all over the greenhouse.

Products Details 


Main structure:

1.High quality raw material, advanced processing technology. Thicker steel frames with galvanized coat thickness about 0.2mm, assemble in our own workshop with special equipments.

2.Special design for the structure, for example, redesign the drip proof system, change shape and material of the drip collect tank, effectively solve the dews problem which do harms to plants.


Cooling pads:

1.Use new material and advanced space crossing linking technology

2.Raw material adopts imported kraft paper, high absorbability, high water-resistant, anti-mildew and long service life.

3.All with aluminum alloy frame, attractive appearance


Exhaust fans:

1.Hot Galvanized sheet frame with coat thickness 0.17mm.

2.Blade is special designed for the biggest efficiency, made of stainless steel by punch forming.

3.Both China famous motor and Siemens motor are available.


Outside and inner shading system:

1.Equipped with automatic and manual control system. Easy to operate.
2.The curtain line is reliable, attractive appearance, high load bearing capacity and long service life.
3.Curtain: High quality and long service life shading net. Sun shading rate is 75%.


Heating system:

1.Kinds of heating equipments to be choosen, such as ecectric/gas/coal/biomass/oil boiler with radiators, heating fans and etc.
2.Boilers and heating fans with high thermal effiency, more than 85%, rapid temperature rise, low cost.
3.Unique design helps boilers and heating fans meet the strict enviromental requirements.
4.All heating equipments have reasonable structure, excellent safety performance and easy to install.


Glass greenhouse

Glass glasshouse is a greenhouse use glass as the main light transmittance material. It is luxurious, beautiful and permanent. As the iconic greenhouse, the clarity of the glass truly creates a feeling of the outdoors when indoors, makes you surrounded by cultivated paradise. The maximum of height can be 10m, single span 16m, width 10m. The dimension can be customized according to your requirements. It can be equipped with many other equipment to adjust the climate condition inside to meet the requirements of the plant. In this way, the planting season is highly extended.

Product Parameters

Single span: 7.2m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m, 16m 

Bay width: 4m, 8m 

Gutter height: 3.5m-7m, increase by 0.5m

Wind Load 0.55kn/㎡, snow load: 0.55kn/㎡


Basic configuration: Inner and outside shading system, natural ventilation system, cooling system, heating system, hydroponic system, irrigation system and other facilities, according to the needs of user.

Suitable for large scale vegetables cultivation, fruit and flower planting, seed raising, scientific research and flower market, ecological hotel.




1.Steel material: Nude packing.

2.Small steel parts: In bag

3.Glass: In iron frame.

4.Motors and electric parts:In carton.



1.All parts are packaged in containers.

2.Port: Qingdao port.

3.Delivery time:Depends on the greenhouse size. 10-60days after deposite received.

Elva Lin

Email: huijinggreenhouse03@huijingco.com

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