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Hot Sale Venlo Tempered Glass Greenhouse With Hydroponic Growing System

Size: Large
Color: Transparent
Optional system: Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc
Usage: Growing Vegetable
Ventilation: Vents
Features: Stable Structure
Application: Vegetable Fruits Flowers
Length: Customizable Size
Cover Material: Glass
Packaging Details: Both sides with PE film.Other package are available based on customer's requirement.

The description of GLASS GREENHOUSE

Multi-span glass greenhouse has a modern and novel in exterior, and has a stable structure.It adopts hot galvanized pipes
connected by the hot-galvanizing bolts and tapping screws,without any welding point.So it is strong and practical and also simple beautiful in overall.The covering material is glass which has the high transmittance,good insulation. The design of wide span and pinnacle made a large operating inner space,a high utilization and a good bandwagon effect. It can be used as large ornamental greenhouse,aquaculture greenhouse, floriculture greenhouse,flower market,shopping mall and ecological restaurant.




Span width(m)
9.6/10.8/12 m
Section width (m)
Can be customized
Vegetable Fruits Flowers...etc
Stable Structure Easily Assembled
Optional system
Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation...etc
Shading System
Inside and outside shading System
Heating System
Furnace with heating fans
Control System
Automatic control box

Optional Systems


Steel Structure

Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is       accordance with national standard. Galvanized layer should   have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um.


Cover Material

Tempered glass:
Thickness: 5+6+5mm


Outer Sunshade System

The use of sunshade can reflect some excess sunlight diffuse into the greenhouse, which can not only guarantee the normal growth of crops, but also reduce the temperature  in the greenhouse, prevent the crops from being burned by strong light, whcih can reduce the indoor temperature by 3-6c.


Inner Sunshade System

This system is installing inner sunshade net in the greenhouse.In summer, it can reduce the inner temperature, and in winter and in night, it can prevent the heat running off. It has two types, ventilation type and thermal insulation type.


Cooling System

Cooling system including the cooling pad and cooling fans


Ventilation system

Greenhouse ventilation system is divided into two kinds, natural and forced ventilation. Glass greenhouse natural ventilation is opening staggered windows on the roof. Film greenhouse use the method of rolling film on both sides to ventilate. Forced ventilation is achieved through installing blowers. In general, we install the cooling system of fans and cooling pad.


Irrigation System

We supply two types of irrigation system, drop irrigation system and spray irrigation system. So you can choose the best one for
your greenhouse.

electric control cabinet

Control System

Semi-automatic control system or fully automatic control system.



Packing & delivery


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