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Great Performance Hydroponic Greenhouse



Soilless cultivation is divided into hydroponics, aeroponics and substrate cultivation according to different cultivation media.

  • Hydroponics refers to the cultivation method in which the root system is directly contacted with the nutrient solution without using a substrate to fix the root system. It mainly includes deep flow technique (DFT), nutrient film technique (NFT) and floating capillary hydroponics (FCH). 

  • Aeroponics is to use the nutrient solution after filtering to pass the atomizing spray device under pressure to atomize the nutrient solution into fine droplets and spray it directly to the root system of the plant to provide the water and nutrients required for plant growth.

  • Substrate cultivation is to fix the roots of crops in organic or inorganic substrates. Organic substrates include peat, rice husks, and bark. Inorganic substrates include vermiculite, perlite, rock wool, ceramsite, gravel, sponge soil, etc. It can be used as a supporting medium to supply crop nutrient solution by drip irrigation or trickle irrigation.

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