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Agriculture Greenhouse Hydroponic Growing Nutrients Systems

Type:Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Cover Material:Pc Sheet
Model Number:Huijing greenhouse
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:Huijing
Suitable Area:Tropical Countries and sub-tropical Countries
Steel Material:Hot Galvanized Steel Pipe
Span Width:6m/6.2m/6.4m/8m/9.6m/10.8m/12m
Section:4 or 5 m,customized
Gutter Height:3-5m, customized
Top Height:5.5-7.5m, customized
Ventilation:Roof vents/Side vents
Optional system:Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc

agriculture greenhouse hydroponic growing nutrients systems

  Substrate cultivation is the largest method in soilless cultivation. It fixes crop in organic or inorganic substrate, by method of dripping or trickle irrigation, and supplies crops nutrient solution. Culture substrate can be filled into a plastic bag, or laid in the cultivation channels or grooves. Substrate culture nutrient solution is not circulating, known as opening system, which can avoid the spread of disease through the circulation of nutrient solution.

  Substrate culture has strong buffer ability, so there is no contradiction of moisture, nutrients and O2, and the equipment is more simple than hydroponics and aeroponics, even without the need of power, so less investment, low cost. This culture method is widely used in production.


Hydroponic Details

1. The soilless system is used coconut coir as substrate.

     There is nutrient solution supply machine, which can control the EC value and PH value automatically. Inside installs hanging pipe and hanging line.

2. Substrade: coconut coir

     The parameter of coconut coir: biological and environmental, plenty of organic nutrients, retaining water and ventilating.

      PH value: 5.5-6.5      EC value≤600μs/cm

3. PVC planting trough

    The planting trough is made of PVC pipe, thickness 3-4mm, the top width 180mm, bottom width 120mm and height 160mm.

    The planting trough can be put on shelves, and also can be put on the ground or under ground. The PVC trough has many sizes, customized by you.

4.Planting Arrangement

    Install 8-9 rows in the greenhouse with 12m span, evenly distributed; install 5-6 rows in the greenhouse with 8m span , evenly distributed.

    One side is a little high, and the other side is a little low for drainage of the wast nutrient solution. Install track between the two rowa for daily management and picking.

5.Irrigation and fertilization

   The irrigation system is including nutrient solution supply machine, water pipe, branch pipe and drip nozzle.

   The machine can be controlled EC value and PH value automatically. The main water pipe is PVC pipe.


The PC-sheet has great characters as light structure, impact resistant, good load performance, and high heat retaining property, also it is durable and economical, saving 40% energy than other covering materials.
Multi-span design, large interior space, high land utilization, very suitable for large-scale planting and mechanized operation.

Span width(m)
8 m
Section width (m)
Can be customized
Vegetable Fruits Flowers...etc
Stable Structure Easily Assembled
Optional system
Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation...etc
Shading System
Inside and outside shading System
Heating System
Furnace with heating fans
Control System
Automatic control box

Multi-span film greenhouse is an econmical greenhouse,popular among the users with its beautiful arc and low cost . The curved roof is beautiful and nice ,quite eye-pleasing . It consumes small amount of structural steel and provides good insulation property.

Greenhouse materials:The main structure of greenhouse adopts hot-dip galvanized pipe ,connected by galvanized bolts , with good corrosion resistance.

Main structure configuration:The inside and outside shading, seedbed, side window ventilation, water curtain , and fan cooling facility can be configured as demand .

Service life :more than 30 years for the main structure ; replace PC sheet every ten years.


Supporting Systems                                                                     

Outside Shading System:

The main function of the system is to cool and shade in the summer, so that the sunlight diffuses into the greenhouse to ensure that the crop is protected from glare of the sun. Because it blocks a large amount of light, it effectively reduces the accumulation of heat inside the greenhouse, which generally reduces the greenhouse temperature by 4 °C to 6 °C.

Inside Shading and Insulation System: 

When the inside shading net is closed, two separate spaces are formed in the greenhouse, which can effectively prevent the formation of mist and dripping in the greenhouse. In the winter and night, the inside shading net can effectively prevent the heat inside the greenhouse from overflowing through radiation or heat exchange, thus reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse operating costs.

Cooling system:

Cooling pad + Exaust fans: The cooling is achieved by the principle of evaporation and cooling of water. The special wet cooling pad can ensure that the water evenly wets the entire wet curtain wall. When the air penetrates the wet curtain medium, it exchanges heat with the water vapor on the surface of the wet medium to achieve humidification and cooling of the air.

Heating System:

(1) Coal-fired or gas-fired boiler + Spiral finned tube
(2) Coal-fired or gas-fired boiler + heating fans
(3) Electric heating fans

Irrigation system:

For special irrigation water requirements for flowers and plants, we have introduced international advanced water treatment technology, which can fully meet the requirements of irrigation water quality meeting to the standards of drinking water. We also can tailor the most appropriate water treatment system according to the customer's requirements.




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