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Film covered greenhouse with hydroponic

Pipe Specification:Calculation to Choose
Covering Material:Po/PE/EVA Film
Film-Rolling System:Electronic Type,Chain Type,Manual Type
Shading System:The Gear Rack Drives The Shading System
Ventilation System:Roof and Bottom Ventilation
Cooling System:Cooling Fans and Cooling Pad
Heating System:Hot Water Heating,Hot Air Heating,Electric Heating
Irrigation System:Irrigation System
Transport Package:by Container


The skeleton materials of the greenhouse is made by galvanized steel materials,connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, no welded point. And the Greenhouse can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching or scientific research, etc.


2.Solar Greenhouse Supporting Systems: 
Outside Shading System, Inside Shading System, Cooling System, Heating System, Ventilation System, Seedbed System, Electric Control System, etc
A.greenhouse Outside Shading System, Inside Shading System

B:solar greenhouse Cooling System, Heating System, Ventilation System
cooling: Cooling pad, cooling fan, recirculation blowers

ventilation: manual film roll machine, insect proof net, etc
Greenhouse ventilation is one of the biggest infulences in maintaining an ideal climate for vegetable cultivation.

Natural ventilation allows for an inexpensive method of cooling.
A combination of side ventilation and shade curtains lead to temperatures, which are lower than outside temperatures.

C:solar greenhouse Seedbed System



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