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Solar Greenhouse with Earthen Back Wall for Vegetable/Hydroponics/Tomato Cultivation

Covering: Po/PE/EVA Film
Layer: Single
Frame: Galvanized Steel/Oval Tube/C-Style Steel
Film Type: Single/Double Layer
Length: 80-120m
Service: Provide Technique
Span: 8m-25m
Height: 3-5m
Frame Features: Tube Can Be Easily Assembled/Disassembled
Packing: Seaworthy Packing

Solar Green House with Earthen Back Wall for Vegetable/Hydroponics/Tomato/Cucumber Cultivation

No.1 Product Description

Arch Type Single Span Po Film Greenhouse Structure: hot-dip galvanized steel structure
This kind of structure chooses the better steel materials. It has went through hot-dip galvanized techniques before installed on site. Besides, it's easy to construct with. The steel structure has strong corrosion resisting performance. It can bear large amount of snow and strong wind. The service life of it is more than 5 years. 

In addtion, Elliptical Tube or C Profile Steel is used as the frame which can be easily assembled or disassembled and it is much easier for transportation.

Covering Material-Plastic Film as The Covering Material
Greenhouse covering material can use 0.08m/0.09m/0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm plastic film. The plastic film has many better features, like anti-UV, anti-dripping, excellent thermal insulation, high strength and high light transmittance rate and so on.

Further more:For some region if winter temperature is below 0ºC but above -10ºC, quilt can be applied and covered on top of the film to help heat preservation. And if winter temperature is below 0ºC but above -5ºC, double layer film can be used for heat preservation.


No.2 Technical Parameters

Span 8-25m
Length 80-120m
Height 3-5m
Film Type PO/PE/EVA
Layer Single, Double
Film Thickness 0.08/0.09/0.10/0.12/0.15mm
Frame Material Hot-dip Galvanized Steel
Frame Style Elliptical Tube/C Profile Steel
Frame Installation can be easily Assembled/Disassembled
Transport Package Carton Packaging, Bundle


No.3 Advangtages of Solar greenhouse

        I   Lower construction cost;
        II  Effective energy-saving;
        III  Lower operating cost;
        IV Solar energy as replenish resource;
         V Complete equipments

No.4 Cooling System

It's made by fan and wet pad. Meanwhile, the wet pad includes wet pad, aluminum alloy frame and water circulation system.
No.5 Packing&Shipping

The delivery time depends on details of the greenhouse project such as type,size,supporting systems etc.We will arrange production and delivery after all the information confirmed,and we will make strong packing to ensure the goods remain intact when reaching the destination.

No.6 About Our Company

Shandong Huijing Greenhouse co.,ltd Located in Shouguang county ,Weifang city , Shandong Province,we has focused on greenhouse designing, manufacturing and construction more than 10 years. We already helped our customers from China and overseas markets build hundreds of different types of greenhouses for vegetable planting, flower planting and many other uses. Now our projects are all over the world . Many foreign countries such as PHS ,Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan, Japan, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Malasyia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Australia, Kuwait,etc. 

No.7 Our Service

* Pre-sale Service
1. We design free drawing according to customers' requests by engineers with rich experiences
2. We offer professional advices according to the local area conditions.
3. We arrange transportation affairs.
* Construction Stage
1. We supply you with detailed construction drawings to guide.
2. We send one engineer to your local area for installation.
3. We provide related production for your references.
* After-sale Service
1. We offer reasonable advices for usage, maintenance and technically improve.
2. We have on-line service.

No.8 FAQ

1.You are manufacture factory or trading company?
A: We are an engineering company with 20 years of experience. We have our own exporting department. 
2.Is your price competitive with other companies?
A: Our business objectives are to give the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We will do everything we can to reduce your cost.
3.Do you offer service for installation?
A: We will give detailed installation drawings and direction info for free. And we could send engineers as installation director even a team.
4.Do you accept container loading inspection?
A: You are welcomed to send an inspector, not only for the container loading, but any time during the production time.

No.9 Contact us

Elva Lin

Email: huijinggreenhouse03@huijingco.com

Tel/WeChat/WhatsApp: +86 15165674921



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