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The difference between intelligent greenhouse and traditional greenhouse

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The difference between intelligent greenhouse and traditional greenhouse

A greenhouse is an architectural structure in which a light steel structure is used as a keel, outer cladding or glass. After so many years of development, the greenhouse basically realized the mechanization upgrade. Today, small series mainly introduced the greenhouse in the glass greenhouse. Since glass greenhouse is the modern greenhouse with the highest technical content and technical content, we mainly introduce the difference between automatic glass greenhouse and intelligent greenhouse.

Glass greenhouse is the most expensive multi-span greenhouse. A glass greenhouse is usually covered with a double layer of insulating glass or a single layer of glass, and the top is usually covered with a single layer of tempered glass or a double layer of hollow solar panels. We need to understand the difference between automation and intelligence, starting with the electrical system that supports the greenhouse.

Multilayer glass greenhouse, generally equipped with external shading system, internal shading system, internal insulation system (optional), fan, water curtain cooling system system, roof window open side window system, the circulation fan system (depending on the length of the greenhouse) and width), automatic heating system (optional), fill light system (optional), carbon dioxide generator (optional), water tank automatic sprinkler system (optional).

As long as the greenhouse support system is fully automated, an automated greenhouse means all the above systems. That is to say, the manual switch is mainly used to control the operating system. At present, the sensor parameters are mainly temperature. Automatic greenhouse is mainly based on temperature sensing to control the start and stop of water curtain fan system and heating system. It is not possible to coordinate control over other systems that may affect the ambient temperature.

Intelligent greenhouse is a set of thinking logic that USES computer system to add greenhouse. At the same time, the environmental sensing parameters installed in the glass greenhouse are temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and illumination. In the computer, the upper and lower limits of various environmental parameters can be set in advance according to the requirements of plant growth in each period, and each parameter can control one or more systems independently. Smart greenhouses are basically the same in hardware, and their main value is valuable in this software system.

Currently, most of the greenhouses under construction in China are automated greenhouses, which are actually semi-intelligent glass terraced greenhouses. Of course, there are also some smart greenhouses with scientific research, demonstration or environmentally harmful crop construction. At present, China's national conditions can promote greenhouse automation has taken a big step on the road of facility agriculture. At present, there are many problems in greenhouse industry, which are suitable for the development of solar greenhouse and shed automation equipment in spring and autumn, such as electric coiler and greenhouse automatic air release system. These devices are not expensive, but they are very practical. This is the purpose that the country develops agricultural subsidy energetically.


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