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Strawberry plastic greenhouse cultivation is popular

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Strawberry plastic greenhouse cultivation is popular

(1) As far as possible according to open the cover of the cloudy day at noon, as long as the opening of the cover after the room temperature does not reduce should adhere to uncovering, in order to promote the plant to accept scattered light, increase the ability to adapt to the light, conducive to increase production. At the same time, in the continuous period of low temperature for a long time after the weather suddenly clear, not all early pull open the cover, and should be automatic curtain of cotton quilt rolled up a part, avoid the shed to heat up too quickly, such as strawberries to adapt to the temperature again all open. When the temperature in the shed is too high, it should be ventilated in time

(2) Artificial light can be used as a light source incandescent lamp, fill light heating treatment, each 100 watt lamp about 75 meters 2, 5-10 PM every day, 5-6 hours of fill light, can increase production 30% - 50%, can reduce malshape fruit 50% or so.

(3) After the haze phase film dust preparation a rope than the greenhouse slightly longer than the width of the rope, tie some cloth on it, so that the cloth covered the surface of the rope into a cloth rope. Then one person took one end of the rope to stand under the shed, one person took the other end of the rope to stand on the back slope of the greenhouse, two people put the rope tight, swing back and forth, wipe on the greenhouse film piece by piece, can play the role of increasing the light transmission. After wiping, take down the cloth strip and clean it. It can be used many times.

(4) Reasonable temperature control installation of temporary heating equipment, heating at night, before and after noon for a short time ventilation, indoor daytime temperature maintained in 20℃ or so, at night the lowest temperature in 10℃ above.

Plastic greenhouses can be used for strawberry cultivation in southern China, and plastic greenhouses are usually used for double insulation. This cultivation method does not use heating equipment. In the period of deep winter and low temperature, the insulation effect can be improved by fastening a small arch or hanging a reflective screen in the film of the greenhouse. Just like the cultivation facilitated by the northern solar greenhouse, the cultivation facilitated by the southern plastic greenhouse can also realize the fruit market in late November, and the fruit-picking period lasts until may of the following year.

Plastic greenhouses for strawberry cultivation have the advantages of low production cost, early supply of fresh fruits to the market, high yield and good economic benefits.


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