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Smart Agriculture Remote Monitoring System, Intelligent Greenhouse Irrigation Monitoring System Scheme Design

Product name: Smart Agriculture Monitoring System
Function: Agricultural field data collection, remote control
Products included: Temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, etc
Application: Greenhouse, outdoor planting, aquaculture
Signal transmission: RS485, WIFI, etc.
Components of smart agricultural control hardware:
Wireless sensors: such as temperature and humidity sensors, soil temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, CO2 sensors, and other equipment. Controller: temperature and humidity controller, light intensity controller, soil temperature and humidity controller, etc., used to centrally process the data information uploaded by each sensor, and issue control instructions issued by the control computer. Control computer, touch screen: used for the display of various collected data, remote control of each field device (fan, humidifier, heating solenoid valve, etc.), the printing of various data reports, etc. Remote control terminal: mobile phone, computer, etc.

We can customize the agricultural Internet of Things system, design and development of agricultural APP, and provide complete solutions for smart agriculture


System main functions:

   1. Agricultural field data collection functions (such as temperature and humidity, soil pH, etc.);
   2. Agricultural production site video acquisition and production process monitoring functions;
   3. A large number of data analysis functions accumulated during the production process;
   4. Mobile phone monitoring function;


The greenhouse automatic monitoring system can measure wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, solar ultraviolet, soil temperature, and humidity and other agricultural environmental factors, and obtain the temperature and humidity of the air and soil temperature and humidity near the greenhouse crops. Generate record chart. When the temperature and humidity are abnormal, it will automatically alarm and send SMS or WeChat to notify the user.


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