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Hydroponic galvanized auto-control film/plastic greenhouse for tomato/romaine lettuce/strawberry

Type:Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Cover Material:Film
Model Number:Huijing greenhouse
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:Huijing
Suitable Area:Tropical Countries and sub-tropical Countries
Steel Material:Hot Galvanized Steel Pipe
Span Width:6m/6.2m/6.4m/8m/9.6m/10.8m/12m
Section:4 or 5 m,customized
Gutter Height:3-5m, customized
Top Height:5.5-7.5m, customized
Ventilation:Roof vents/Side vents
Optional system:Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc


Plastic-film Multi-Span Greenhouse, cost-saving and convenient to use, is a kind of equipment for cultivation or breeding that is constructed simply. The greenhouse has great space-efficient performance and strong ventilation ability, also preventing the heat loss and the intrusion of cold air. It can be used as the seed-breeding or planting of dwarf fruit tree and for aquaculture and livestock breeding as well as for exhibition, ecological restaurant and teaching or scientific research, etc.

Span width(m)
8 m
Section width (m)
Can be customized
Vegetable Fruits Flowers...etc
Stable Structure Easily Assembled
Optional system
Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation...etc
Shading System
Inside and outside shading System
Heating System
Furnace with heating fans
Control System
Automatic control box

Multi-span film greenhouse is an econmical greenhouse,popular among the users with its beautiful arc and low cost . The curved roof is beautiful and nice ,quite eye-pleasing . It consumes small amount of structural steel and provides good insulation property.

Greenhouse materials:The main structure of greenhouse adopts hot-dip galvanized pipe ,connected by galvanized bolts , with good corrosion resistance.

Main structure configuration:The inside and outside shading, seedbed, side window ventilation, water curtain , and fan cooling facility can be configured as demand .

Service life :more than 30 years for the main structure ; replace film every three to five years.


Supporting Systems                                                                     

Outer Sunshade System:

In summer, the solar radiation heat load is too high,when the external shading system is used, the indoor temperature can be controlled to be only 1ºChigher than that of the outdoor room in a well ventilated greenhouse due to the blocking of most of the solar radiation into the greenhouse.If combined with wet curtain fan system, can create an ideal temperature and humidity environment, reduce greenhouse operation costs, saving energy consumption.


 Internal Shading:

This system is installing inner sunshade net in the greenhouse.In summer, it can reduce the inner temperature, and in winter and in night, it can prevent the heat running off. It has two types, ventilation type and thermal insulation type.


Cooling system:

Corrugated paper uses space cross-linking technology, which make it with high water absorption, high water resistant, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.


Irrigation system:

For special irrigation water requirements for flowers and plants, we have introduced international advanced water treatment technology, which can fully meet the requirements of irrigation water quality meeting to the standards of drinking water. We also can tailor the most appropriate water treatment system according to the customer's requirements.


Other Systems:

Soilless Cultivation System;
Lighting system;
Automatic control system;
Agricultural techinical service.



1. How long is the delivery time?
    According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 10-60days.
2. Is your compay foreign trade company or manufacturer?
    we are manufacturer.
3. Can you supply sample?
    Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.
4. Can your company supply greenhouse design?
    Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit.          
And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.
5. How to intall greenhouse?
    First we prepare the material and export and send you drawings.
    After your customs clearing, if necessary we can send engineers to guide to install. 
6. When installing, what cost should we pay for enginners?
    100 dollars per person per day.
7. What is the payment terms?
    Usually the deposit is 30%-50% of total value. Before loading, all the balance shoulde be        paid off. Or you can give your own payment terms, then we can negotiate it.



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