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External Sun-Shading System for Building Greenhouse Plants

Length: Customizable Size
Material: Aluminum foil and plastic
Color: Black
Optional system: Cooling System
Name: External Sun-Shading System for Building Greenhouse Plants
Packaging Details: Shipping packing

External Sun-Shading  System for Building Greenhouse Plants


In the process of production, daylight control and adjustment is necessary, shading adjustment is one of the important measures. It includes photosynthetic and photoperiodic sun-shade adjustments.

In midsummer, the strong light and high temperature tends to inhibit photosynthesis and even seriously affect the growth of plant, using sun-shade nets can effectively reduce light intensity and temperature in greenhouse, in order to promote photosynthesis, this is the photosynthetic sun-shade adjustments.

Photoperiodic sun-shade adjustments refers to shorten the sunshine time and prolong the dark period, so as to guarantee the requirements of short-day plant for continuous dark period. In some cases, photoperiod is one of the means to change the law of light for artificial breeding.

There are external and internal sun-shade system for you choose. For cooling, the external one is much better than the internal one. It can make sunshine diffuse to protect the plants from sun and reduce the temperature with 4ºC~6ºC. And the internal one is usually used for heat preservation at night.

To install external sun-shade system must be according to the photophil of plant, and choose different sun-shade net. Considering the maximum transmittance of the greenhouse, meeting the highest demands of light and controlling the daily coverage of sun-shade net are also important factors for growth of plants.

Before 9:00 AM and after 3:00 PM in summer, the incident angle is the largest and the light transmittance is best. Adjustments of sun-shade system in large greenhouse should be intelligent controlled. For short-day flowers, it should be block out light sometimes to regulate their florescence.
You can choose different sun-shade net according to the day length, insolation intensity and characteristics of your plants.

This system can be increased  in your greenhouse as you needed, just cost some more money.


We provide after-sales installation and debugging, Huijing's engineers could service at site. But please note this cost is not included in the quotation.
For more information, please contact us, we are sincerely looking forward to your patronage.




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