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Commercial / Agriculture Greenhouse Heating System for Plant Nursery

Usage: agriculture, plant nursery
Type: heating system
Color: Customized Color
Features: energy saving
Optional system: Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc
Packaging Details:
Greenhouse standard package: carton, steel wire, wooden.
20 GP container, 40 HQ container.
It can be customized according to your needs.

Commercial/ agriculture drip irrigation/filter system for greenhouse growth


At present, the domestic use of vegetables, flowers, breeding poultry animals used in greenhouse heating methods are generally ordinary coal stoves, firewalls and other traditional backward heating methods, this heating method of energy consumption, thermal efficiency is low, serious pollution of indoor and Most of the air in the sheds can not achieve the desired heating effect, leading to the threat of the majority of breed and crop growth.


Our heating system machine, the ZVM medium is arranged in the medium tube and the medium tube in the heat exchange room. Therefore, the utility model saves energy, has high thermal efficiency and small environmental pollution.




We can manufacture the  heating system  according to your requirement or design it according to your climate.


Top-quality auxiliary machinery with high standard, as well as automatic control equipment ensures stable operation.


With the help of inertia separation of smoke and dust in boilers, together with complementary high-effective multi tube dust cleaners, the concentration of dust discharge from boilers is within the requirements on class I of environmental protection.




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